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That you are reading this short narrative means that you are at least considering consulting with an attorney. We hope for a good reason, and not a dispute. But, that you are at the point of considering consulting an attorney, means it’s a good idea for you to do so and you have probably waited long enough – indeed, maybe too long.

The reasons to consult an attorney can be positive (buying/selling a house/business or estate planning, wills or trusts) or negative (I’ve been sued!!)
Either way, as I do with each and every client, I will provide you with the most cost effective, straight forward legal advice that I possibly can.
My intention is to understand your specific situation in order to help you to determine your best course of action and to develop, with you, a plan of cost efficient legal representation.

This may include the drafting or review and analysis of a contract, representing you in court, or simply bringing legal understanding to the table.

Mark Brifman graduated from California State University, Long Beach, and received his law degree from UCLA (more years ago that he likes to remember). He and his family have lived and worked in the San Fernando Valley for 40 years.

Keep in mind the most important rule – Unless you are willing to lose everything involved in a transaction, make sure it is in writing and that you have had me review it for you to find the traps and pitfalls.

Remember – It is less expensive to keep you out of trouble than it is to get you out of trouble.

That is my job. To keep you out of trouble.

Mark Brifman
Brifman Law Corporation

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